What Type of Insurance Do You Accept?

Smart Scan Medical Imaging accepts commercial and worker’s compensation insurance. We do not currently accept Medicare or Medicaid. For a complete listing of insurance companies, see here.

How will my Doctor get the results of my Exam?

After your exam is completed the images are sent to our team of expert Radiologists for interpretation. Results are sent electronically to your doctor the same day. No matter where your doctor practices, both you and they can rest assured that your images and report will be accessible.   (get input from Diaspora here)

Do I need a physician’s order to have a test at Smart Scan Medical Imaging? 

Smart Scan Medical Imaging only performs medically necessary and professionally referred medical tests. Why? Because your health and safety matter to us. Most insurance companies require that you have an order and prior-authorization for the exam. Our goal is to work with your insurance company to make sure you don’t get a surprise bill. If you have questions about obtaining an order and prior authorization (link)

Are There any Special Instructions for my Procedure?

There may be, for a details about your exam (link)