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MRI for Migraines, ENT & Sports Injuries in WI

Head & Neck Scans

The head and neck are home to more than just one type of tissue. From bones and muscles to salivary glands and sinuses, there are numerous complex structures in this part of the body that can be challenging to image -- but without an accurate diagnosis, proper treatment may not be possible. That’s where Smart Scan Medical Imaging comes in. 

Smart Scan Medical Imaging provides high-quality imaging services for head and neck disorders using state-of-the-art MRI technology. We specialize in head and neck imaging to help physicians and clinicians diagnose a variety of conditions, from sports-related injuries to migraines and more. With a range of imaging scans, our team is able to provide you with the most accurate results possible. 

If you’re living with head and neck pain, let Smart Scan help find the answers you need. Schedule your appointment with us today and get started on your journey to a life free of chronic pain. We look forward to helping you reclaim your life! 


A head and neck scan

MRI for Athletes in Eau Claire, Wausau, and Madison, WI

Diagnosing Head & Neck Sports Injuries With MRI

The incidence of head and neck injuries in athletes is on the rise, but traditional X-rays don’t always provide enough information for an accurate diagnosis. That’s why Smart Scan Medical Imaging offers magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to diagnose soft tissue injuries for athletes, as well as higher sensitivity for the bones than X ray. With MRI scans, physicians can get a detailed image of soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and bones to accurately diagnose a wide range of sports-related injuries. 

The team at Smart Scan can use MRI to diagnose:

  • Concussions 
  • Soft tissue injuries, including muscle and ligament damage 
  • Dislocated joints 
  • Fractures or bone chips in the neck and head 
  • And more

At Smart Scan Medical Imaging, we understand the importance of providing timely and accurate results so that athletes can get back on their feet as soon as possible. Our team of experienced radiologists uses advanced MRI technology to provide athletes with detailed images of head and neck injuries so they can safely return to their sport. 

Diagnosing Chronic Pain, ENT & More

MRI Scans for Head & Neck Conditions

Not all head and neck conditions are related to sports injuries. Smart Scan Medical Imaging can also use MRI scans for a variety of other conditions, such as:

  • Migraines 
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome 
  • Salivary gland disorders 
  • Lumps or Masses
  • Cerebrovascular disease 
  • And more

We strive to provide our patients with the most accurate diagnosis possible. With MRI, we can get a detailed image of various structures in the head and neck that may not be visible on X-ray or CT scans. From there, our team of experts can work with your physician to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets your individual needs. 

At Smart Scan, we’re dedicated to helping you find the answers you need to manage and treat your condition. Schedule an appointment with us today and let our team of experts help you on your journey back to wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an MRI help to diagnose head & neck conditions?

The MRI machine uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to create highly detailed images of the body. It’s able to detect changes in the soft tissues of the body that may indicate inflammation or other abnormalities, allowing our radiologists to diagnose issues in the head and neck accurately and quickly. 

What is the difference between an MRI vs a CT scan?

MRI scans are best for examining soft tissues of the body, such as the nerves, while CT scans are better suited for looking at bones and other hard structures. MRI scans also have a much higher resolution than CT scans, which makes them ideal for capturing detailed images of the soft tissues in the body. 

How can I get started with the top radiology center near me?

Smart Scan is passionate about making the scheduling process as easy as possible for our patients. Our process is simple and fast, and we even take same-day appointments. Just use our online form to select a time that’s right for you.