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Value-Based Providers Need Employer Support

Value-Based Providers Need Employer Support


Neuroradiology 101: What An MRI of the Brain Can Reveal

If you're seeking more information about MRI Scans or need to schedule an MRI, Smart Scan Medical Imaging is here to assist.


Debunking the Myths: Is an MRI Scan Dangerous to Your Health?

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With Contrast vs Without: What’s the Difference?

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Smart Scan Offers Affordable MRIs in Eau Claire and Wausau

Smart Scan Medical Imaging offers most MRIs for the flat rate of $650.


What Is MRA?

Reach out to Smart Scan Medical Imaging today to discover more about MRA scans, or conveniently schedule your first appointm…


Is a $5000 MRI Better? Most likely not.

Prices for advanced imaging, especially MRIs, vary wildly from one provider to another. But is there really a difference in …


MRI Technology: The Key Benefits and Advantages

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6 Tips for Feeling Comfortable During Your MRI

If you or someone close to you suffers from claustrophobia and needs an MRI scan, don’t worry! These six tips can help you …